Plastic Surgery Procedures with Dual Functions

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as cosmetic surgeries, often overlap in terms of correcting an issue and improving aesthetics. A cleft lip or palate is one example. The appearance can be startling, but the surgery is mainly done to repair the lip for proper chewing, speaking, and mouth closure. Other surgery options also have dual purposes.


In most cases, ear surgery is done to fix protruding, large, or misshapen ears. Surgery also corrects abnormalities, defects in the ear structure, or damage after an injury. There are two types of otoplasty (ear surgery) that both provide the same results. The most common one is ear reshaping, which more involved than an ear setback procedure.


This procedure is often done at an early age. In some cases it is completed to correct a birth defect. In other cases it is done before children start school. Parents are concerned about the teasing and bullying that results when someone is different, or looks out of proportion. To prevent trauma, the ears are reshaped before ridiculing and name calling begin. The procedure can be done at any age.

The Surgery

Adults may elect to have the surgery with a local anesthetic and oral medication sedation to drastically reduce costs. Children, up until the age of twelve, will require general anesthesia for safety and comfort. The consultation will take up to an hour.

This surgery will last one to two hours per side, and is typically completed on an outpatient basis. Follow up is in one week with full recovery expected after six weeks. Children will have to be closely monitored to ensure they do not scratch at the ear as it heals.


This surgery takes much less time for the actual surgery and recovery. The total procedure time is two hours or less and recovery is just as fast. Follow up is done two hours after surgery. While swelling and bruising is typical with reshaping, there is usually only a bit of bruising in the back of the ear.

Surgical Facilities

Whether the surgery is for correction or beauty, it is important to select a top-rate facility with the latest technology and experienced surgeons to reduce risks. A specialised boutique with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, such as Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre, provides the best surgeons and luxury accommodations for patients who stay overnight or for a few days.

Those interested in both surgical and non-surgical plastic, reconstructive, or cosmetic procedures can visit for more information. Consultations can also be booked directly online for convenience and to save time.